PYP Exhibition 2016-17

Sun, 09/10/2017 - 15:00
PYP Exhibition 2016-17

Congratulations and a big thanks to Grade 5 for a job excellently done.  The Grade 5 Exhibition was truly an impressive event in which the boys showed exemplary discipline and confidence in presenting their projects. Parents were deeply impressed and expressed their indebtedness to the grade 5 teachers for imparting care and quality education to their children.

The topics covered were:

  • A child’s right to education
  • A child’s right to shelter and belonging
  • A child’s right to a healthy environment
  • A child’s right to health and safety
  • A child’s right to have access to food and water

We found that the students demonstrated the learner profiles and attitudes well through their research and gradual build up to the exhibition.  We hope that they will take what they have learnt, reflect upon it, and use it in their everyday lives to enrich them as individuals. 

Sincere thanks to Mr Jameel Asaf, Mr Bassam Shoker, Mr Umar Rana, Mr Cian Matta, Mr Naashid Muhammad, the mentors, and Mrs Imaam Mashaal for guiding the boys to an outstanding presentation. Thanks also to the Arabic, Art, IT, and PE staff for their strong support in making the event a great success.