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Dear Parent,

Welcome to King Faisal School. Our school is happy to have you as a part of our PYP (Primary Years Program) family. Our program is based on the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), with a philosophy of national and international education that begins from the base of the school. The program supports our young learners in developing international-mindedness through the learning process and prepares learners with the future demands of the program. We are driven by a mission and vision that guides us to our educational goals. Our IB learner profiles are woven into our program to help build the characters of our students through languages, art, ICT, drama, math, sciences, and personal social and physical education. Characters are shaped and developed within a learning environment that is safe and enjoyable for every student. A vital part of your student’s success is communication with the school community. We hope to achieve strong and effective communication bonds through our various means of interaction. This includes our user-friendly website. We encourage you to be a part of us! Sincerely,

King Faisal Girls School Principal

Mrs. Sadeem S. Alkadi


Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Primary Years Program (PYP) from the International Baccalaureate.

As King Faisal School administration in the PYP section of the school, we are consistently engaged in exposing students to new educational experiences and learning opportunities.

The PYP is an exciting program that offers a framework to meet your son’s academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural needs. It also provides an excellent foundation for your son’s future learning in the MYP and IB Diploma programs. The PYP is an international curriculum that provides guidelines for what your children should learn and how they should be taught and assessed.

In both Saudi Arabia and internationally, educational systems are looking at how they can change from traditional 19th century teaching methods to new 21st century models. Recent research from educationalists shows how students learn best – that is when students are in control of their own learning and design their own investigations or inquiries. To do this properly, we provide a structured inquiry program for learning through the PYP. Not only does the PYP provide us with a program for inquiry-based learning but also a curriculum for six subject areas: Language, mathematics, science and technology, the Arts, Social Sciences and Personal, Social and Physical Education. In addition to this, the PYP provides a set of attributes or values, called the IB Learner Profile, which help students develop desirable character and behavior that not only lead the school towards international-mindedness and leadership but also build on to the strong Islamic heritage developed in the school.

We look forward to developing your son in the PYP at King Faisal School.

Kind regards,

PYP Principal

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