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Dear Parent,

Welcome to King Faisal School. Our school is happy to have you as a part of our PYP (Primary Years Program) family. Our program is based on the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), with a philosophy of national and international education that begins from the base of the school. The program supports our young learners in developing international-mindedness through the learning process and prepares learners with the future demands of the program. We are driven by a mission and vision that guides us to our educational goals. Our IB learner profiles are woven into our program to help build the characters of our students through languages, art, ICT, drama, math, sciences, and personal social and physical education. Characters are shaped and developed within a learning environment that is safe and enjoyable for every student. A vital part of your student’s success is communication with the school community. We hope to achieve strong and effective communication bonds through our various means of interaction. This includes our user-friendly website. We encourage you to be a part of us! Sincerely,

King Faisal Girls School Principal

Mrs. Sadeem S. Alkadi


Dear KFS Community,

I am pleased to welcome you to King Faisal International School’s website, an informative guidance on what the School is; where I hope you will find the answers to all your inquiries and research.

King Faisal School, holding the name of the great leader (King Faisal bin Abdulaziz –may Allah rest his soul in peace–), takes great pride for more than thirty years in developing young generations who are now successful leaders in vital positions in the public and private sectors. KFS will continue unlocking the talented leaders who are the nation’s pride and the architect of our future.

Through resting on our three foundations “Faith, Knowledge and Work”, our quality student’s environment and best-in-class educational programs built on cooperation and mutual responsibility of parents/guardians, we will continue to develop distinguished students and embed positive human and moral beliefs and values through instilling the leaders’ characters in our children and empowering them to achieve all the aspects of the 2030 Vision. We will spare no effort to reach this, as it is our supreme mission, our distant goal and our vision for which we devote all our planning and effort, by following distinct and well-balanced global educational programmes that are in line with the ambitions and aspirations of our leadership.

We are always concerned of developing and following-up on everything new in the world of education, and we make an effort to race against time to update our children in the School. We are always pleased with your understanding of our role and our work, and we greatly appreciate all your feedback and discussions in these aspects.

Praying for the continued success of our children in their life endeavors and adventures.

With best regards,



  Abdulaziz Al-Sayari

  Principal of King Faisal Boys’ School


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