PYP Champions’ League – Grade 5

Every year, KFS PYP holds two Champions’ League Events, one for Grade 4 and another for Grade 5.  The grade 5 event was held on the 28th of Decembe

PYP Running Race

The Running Race on Wednesday the 31st of January was held on the perfect day; the weather was gorgeous.  Students raced around the trac

PYP Science Fair

The Science Fair held on January 3rd, 2018 was an impressive show of scientific knowledge.  Throughout their Units of inquiry, all teach

Literacy Month Celebration and Book Character Parade

The PYP Literacy Month Celebration was held on Monday the 4th of December.  Beginning early in the morning with the Book Charact

PYP Portfolio Day

King Faisal Primary School held its first meeting to discuss student progress on the 30th of November.  Parents scheduled appointments a

Fathers’ Sports Day

It was the first time KFS Primary invited fathers to play together at KFS and it was a rewarding experience.  We were pleased wi

Mothers’ Educational Dialogue

The Mothers' Educational Dialogue Committee was formed to create a dialogue between KFS Primary Parents and the school to

Saudi National Day

Saraee, Lil Majdee wal Aliyaaa...