KFS Primary School accepts students without discrimination of religion, race, or nationality. Admission to KFS Primary School will be determined by the Principal based on information obtained with respect to: the potential of the applicant to benefit from the educational services available; and the capacity of KFS Primary School to meet the educational needs of the applicant.

Applications for the current academic year will be considered in terms of:

                •              the results of screening, in order of priority; and

•              age, English proficiency and previous school experience, in terms of performance, attendance and behaviour.


Factors, such as previous history, measured aptitude and achievement, physical and emotional development, and other relevant details are also considered. Applicants who meet all admissions criteria are admitted for the appropriate year group, based on age and current performance level, class size permitting. A screening interview with the Principal, who makes the final decision, will be arranged prior to acceptance as part of the enrolment process. All placements are conditional on a student’s ability to benefit from the tuition offered. Placements are reviewed after 3 months.


The Principal is the person responsible for placing students in grades and classes in consultation with the Primary School Admissions committee and parents. KFS Primary School can only guarantee a place once a formal offer has been made, and accepted in writing. Enrolment offers remain valid for 10 days.

KFS Primary School reserves the right to deny admission or re-enrolment to any applicant if, in its opinion, there were reasons to believe that admission or re-enrolment would not be in the best interest of the applicant or KFS Primary School. KFS Primary School also reserves the right to postpone admission, if a class is full.  In this case, the applicant is placed on a waiting list.  The qualified applicants are then accepted in order of date of application, subject to the above priorities.


At the commencement of a new academic year, an accepted student’s position will be declared vacant if the student has not commenced by 7 September, unless prior approval has been granted by the Principal.


Enrolment Procedure

Parents must complete an Enrolment Application Form for each child who is to be enrolled. All details must be completed on this form before the application can be processed. Enrolment may be terminated at any time, if details have been misleading (for example, failing to mention allergies and/or other health issues). This form includes a blanket approval for each child to participate in all school activities, including sports and physical education (which includes swimming). Parents will be notified of details before any excursion or trip away from the school is undertaken.

Enrolment Age Criteria

Passport and Iqama sightings are the only acceptable means of proof of a student’s name and age. The minimum class ages are as follows, as at 1 August:


Grade 1                       6 years old

Grade 2                       7 years old

Grade 3                       8 years old

Grade 4                       9 years old

Grade 5                       10 years old


Variation to these regulations can be made at the discretion of the Principal following careful assessment of the educational issues, including readiness.

At KFS, we recognise that the choice of school is one of the most important, and therefore the most stressful aspects for parents. We understand the need for an 'early' confirmation of a place at KFS.  However, regardless of how early we receive an application, our admissions timeline remains the same:


When families visit the KFS Primary School early in the year, they often seek an indication of the likelihood of admission. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to misunderstandings if optimism is interpreted as a firm commitment.  Therefore, please be aware that any indication that you receive of the likelihood of admission to KFS can be no more than an informal and non-binding estimate based on the pattern of previous years, and should not in any way be interpreted as an offer, a provisional offer,

or an assurance of an offer.  KFS can only guarantee a place once a formal offer has been made, and accepted, in writing.


Late Admissions

A student may be admitted to KFS Primary School at any time during the school year (if places are available). 

Non-Payment of School Fees

A student’s enrolment may be suspended if tuition fees are not paid by the due date.

A student’s enrolment may be terminated if school fees are not paid by a set date determined by the Principal.

Class Sizes

KFS Primary School policy is to maintain optimum classes of 20 students, with the option to extend to 25 in exceptional circumstances (e.g., siblings, staff children, Foundation or MOE requests.) Any increase in class size beyond 20, within any grade, must ensure a balance of enrolments within classes across any grade.

        While all specific class placement requests will be considered, the final decision will be made based on the best learning environment for a student and existing vacancies.

Repeating Or Advancement

Students will be permitted to repeat a year or advance a year in special circumstances only. The criteria for such circumstances will be solely educational or socio-educational, and will not be allowed for the purposes of facilitating transfer to other schools.

All repeating or advancement procedures after initial admission may only take place following full teacher and parental consultation, and with the express approval of the Principal and the Director General.

Readiness for starting the Primary School is enhanced by students who attend the KFS Preschool for three years (KG1, KQ2 and KG3). This is evident in a child’s language, communication, physical, mathematical skills, as well as his social development.